What is Your Purpose?

The world searches aimlessly to discover the meaning and purpose of life, while God proclaims to His people,

“I have created you to love and to be loved! It was by love that I formed you. It was by love that I sent my Son that you might be saved. It was by love that I sent the Holy Spirit to give you direction and power. And it is for love that I am returning for my Bride!

The world searches aimlessly for love in all the wrong places. It is for love of money that your priorities are out of order. It is for love of yourself that you fall into the sinful, lustful desires and temptations of man. It is for love of entertainment that society becomes lazy… and crazy!

But you will never be satisfied until you discover the Perfect Love that I have to offer. Perfect love casts away all fear. Perfect love washes away iniquities. Perfect love never fails.

I will never fail you. You are my beloved!”

I pray that we would all open our hearts to our heavenly Father’s perfect love for us. We need to come out of the shadows and bask in the warmth of His love. His love thaws every cold heart.

Like rain, our Father showers His love down upon us. Yet, so many are hiding under umbrellas and are not receiving the cleansing His perfect love brings. His love is water to a thirsty soul. His love will bring life to dry bones. 

We have constructed walls around us in order to shield ourselves from the hurts of this world. These walls have been there so long, we’ve grown accustomed to them. And because of these walls, we don’t let anyone close. Not even God. 

Well, the thing of it is, God knows the hearts of man. No matter how much we try to shield ourselves by hiding in the shadows, under umbrellas and behind walls, He knows. And He loves us anyway. No matter how much we distance ourselves, He loves us. Nothing can separate us from His love. No height. No depth. No sin. No shame.

Lord, may we tear down our walls and walk in the light so we can soak up Your love for us. May we open ourselves up to You!

Our Father is relentless in His pursuit for us. May we stop running from Him and let Him catch us! His love heals all our brokenness! His love brings freedom from our past! His love gives us purpose! Because when we experience His love, we cannot contain it! We will share His love with everyone we meet and we will lavish our love right back to our Savior!

Now that’s what we were created for!

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