There is a Ripple in the Clouds! Come Catch the Vision of Heaven!

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I had the most glorious dream last night! It was so sacred, it took me a while to even share with my husband. But from it, I believe God has given me a message to share with you today. So, here goes! I pray it ministers to you!

The dream began with me gazing into the clouds. It was a beautiful evening. My husband and children were there along with a few other people whom I didn’t recognize, but somehow I knew them in the dream.

Something in the clouds had caught our attention. The clouds had taken on the formation of ripples. There were several of them, and just like a ripple from a drop of water in a pool, each one began with a central focal point surrounded by a ripple effect. It was so captivating and intriguing.

We all desired to go the place directly underneath this portrait of beauty in the sky. It was getting dark by this time and the journey to our destination was going to be a long one. I looked down at my two boys and realized we couldn’t make the venture that night. I told the others to go on ahead and we would catch up with them in the morning. And so they began the great expedition that we would start the next day.

And boy, were we anxious to get started! At the first gleam of dawn, we were up and loaded in our car. Just like the night before, the ripples were still high in the sky. Our time had come and our journey began.

My husband drove the car through what appeared to be a metro-like area. We were heading toward a huge building that may have been a courthouse. Regardless, I knew we were on a main street with a lot of traffic.

Then suddenly, like a flash of lightning, my whole family was transported directly to the place of our destination beneath the ripples in the sky. The scenery before us was spectacular! A transparent curtain that rippled like the clouds above us was unveiling another world in front of us. It looked like a place fairy tales are made.

It was breathtaking. Astonishing. Majestic. Glorious.

At the splendor of it all, I placed my hand over my mouth in amazement. God’s presence fell over me like a heavy blanket. I dropped to my knees and began crying. A heavenly language came out of my mouth and at the same time I felt like I was communicating the magnificent array with my husband in my native tongue.

The colors were absolutely brilliant. It was a field of green with a gently rolling landscape. Remarkable trees, flowers that would blow your imagination, and a sparkling crystal clear stream.

I was immediately drawn to the water. Not able to muster the strength to stand, I crawled on my hands and knees to the water’s edge. All the while, crying and speaking in my heavenly language.

Floating on the water was a luscious fruit and I desperately desired it. It grew on a leafy vine. Bright red and tender. Bigger than a cherry. Smaller than an apple. It was the best tasting, juiciest fruit I’ve ever eaten!

And as quickly as we were transported there, I was transported back home. Back to my daily routine; still holding the fruit I retrieved from the water.

At that point, I came across a lady I see almost everyday and I shared my fruit with her. She devoured it hungrily and her eyes grew large with delight. Then a great rejoicing broke out. The place filled with singing and dancing. Such joy invaded the atmosphere!

A beautiful young maiden dancing merrily with her fiancé caught my attention. I say ‘maiden’ because the setting appeared to be in the 1800’s. Kind of ‘Gone with the Wind’ -ish. As I watched intently, I discovered this dark-haired beauty was mute. She had never been able to speak her love to her betrothed. While she was dancing, I saw her gaze turned toward another woman dancing in the room.

The mute girl had a vision, and I saw it clearly. In the vision, the other woman laid her hands over the young girl’s throat and prayed a simple prayer to Jesus for her healing. The vision ended and, without hesitation, the mute maiden rushed to the woman, motioning her to pray.

Proceeding precisely how the vision played out, the woman prayed for the mute girl and she was healed. She had received her voice.

Laughter erupted from vocal cords that had never uttered a sound! She ran to her fiancé’s side and began exclaiming words of adoration, love, and devotion to him. I witnessed such intense emotion in her face. Such tenderness in her words. Such love in her voice. It was a sweet, sweet sound.

And then I woke up…

I firmly believe God gave me a vision of heaven last night in my dream. Just a glimpse of His glory. A taste of His splendor. A touch of His majesty. The water represented the living water that never runs dry. The fruit was the fruit of the Spirit. The mute maiden signified the Church, the Bride of Christ, and the other woman, the Holy Spirit who is healing the voice of the Church. And of course, the fiancé is the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, who is soon and very soon returning for His Church.

I pray that we would all catch the vision of heaven. All it takes is a glimpse, a taste, a touch… and we are transformed forever. When we catch the vision of heaven, we are drawn into the secret place of the Most High. What God gives us freely in this place, He wants us to give freely to the people He places in our lives – He gives us all a sphere of influence.

The fruit of the Spirit that He cultivates within us in the Holy of Holies is meant to be shared so others can taste and see the goodness of the Lord. Then they will be drawn to their own secret place of the Most High, desiring to eat from the hand of Jesus themselves!

The Holy Spirit is awakening His church from its slumber. He’s turning lullabies into battle cries! The voice that has been muted by the enemy is beginning to proclaim her love for the Bridegroom! The voice of the Bride will resound in the heavens and all who hear it will feel the vibration of its power!

God is releasing drops of His glory among people who are seeking His face. One drop ripples. Then another drop ripples. Followed by two or three more ripples. There is coming a reverberating ripple of God’s glory throughout the entire earth!

Oh, what revival would break out if each one of us would take our eyes off ourselves and seek the face of Jesus. Oh, that we would all catch the vision of heaven. Partaking the fruit of Jesus and sharing it with others. All while edifying the name of Jesus with our unified voice. When He is lifted up, He will draw all men.

This ripple of revival will pulsate throughout the whole earth!!! Behold, the Bridegroom is coming! People get ready!

(We each have a sphere of influence. If you have been encouraged by this post, please consider sharing with yours! May the ripple of revival begin in each one of us! Thank you and God Bless!!!)

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    I wish that everyone would catch this vision and experience the ripple of God’s glory pulsating throughout this land. Revival is happening now! This prophetic dream given to me one year ago today is coming to pass today! Praise Jesus!


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