Defining Moments

(Photo via Pinterest)

We all have defining moments.
Don’t let your past define you.
Don’t let the world define you.
Let God define you.

Covered by the blood of Jesus,
You are a new creature.

Old things have passed.
Leave them in the past.

Know who you are in Christ Jesus
He will call you by name.

He will call you daughter… son…
Faithful Servant.

He will call out the gifts he placed
Within you in your mother’s womb.

He will call you blessed and highly favored…
More than a conqueror.

He will call you “Mine”
And write His name upon your heart.
The name above all names.

He is the potter.
You are the clay.

Let His hands form you and make you
Molding you into His perfect creation.

Let Him speak to you which path to take
Guiding you into His perfect plan.

Let Him touch the coal to your lips
Burning away the chaff of your heart.

Let Him purify you like gold
Through the refiner’s fire.

Let the God of heaven and earth lead you into your
Defining moments.

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