Lost… but not Forgotten

(Photo via CMCSVirtues)

A love story based on Ezekiel 16 & 36

I have loved you from the beginning of time. In the beginning, I created the heavens and the earth thinking about you and My Son. I created you for Him. Blood, water, and spirit I created you from the dust and separated the veil of time to place you in your point of history. For such a time as this you were created.

I look upon you and admire the beauty of My creation. Your hair as dark as the midnight sky; your eyes sparkling like the ocean at dawn. A delicate flower on the outside you are, but on the inside I made you a mighty warrior. I made you to be mighty for My Kingdom. To wrestle violently against the darkness.

I loved the days of your childlike faith when you let me hold you in the palm of My hand. But one tragic day, your warrior spirit – the tenacity that I love so much about you – turned against Me. You thought you knew better than Me and you jumped out of My hand. I could have closed My fist and held you tight, but I didn’t. In My great love for you, I always give you a choice.

You didn’t choose Me.

No longer safe and secure and clothed in My splendor, you lay naked and exposed and you hide in darkness. I cry out for you to return to Me and you turn the other way in shame. The darkness I created you to wrestle against, you begin making it your home.

You quickly become prey for all that is in the world. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life. Quickly you ran and quickly you fall. Every good and precious gift I give you, you squander with your loose living. You worship everything that catches your eye. All the while, I never take My eye off you.

My heart yearns for you. The separation you’ve built between us doesn’t hinder My love for you. Though you drown out My voice with endless distractions, My love for you is never quenched. Neither height, nor depth, nor any other created thing can separate you from My love.

So, I sent you a Savior, my Son, to rescue you from your harlotries. He was pierced through for your transgressions. He was crushed for your iniquities. The chastening for your well-being fell upon His shoulders. He poured Himself out to death only so you can live.

I know your heart aches as does Mine, for you were created to abide in Me and I in you. We were not meant to be apart so I’ve provided you a blood-stained cross to bridge our great divide. Come to Me, I beckon you. Let Me sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness. Let Me replace your heart of stone with a heart of flesh. Let Me put My Spirit within you. I will save you from all your shame and disgrace. I will clothe you in My splendor once again. You will be Mine and I will be yours.

And same as always, I leave you a choice. Will you choose to cross that bridge and return to Me? Will you choose life through the death of your Savior? Will you choose Me? Choose this day whom you will serve.

Remember, you may be lost… but you are never forgotten.

Signed and Sealed with No Greater Love,

God, your Father

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